SSD Grow

Acceptable User Policy

Updated : April, 8 2024

Prohibited Uses and Activities:

As a provider of virtual private server (VPS) hosting and related Internet services, SSD Grow offers our customers—and their clients—the ability to acquire and disseminate a diverse array of information, both public and private, commercial and non-commercial. It is essential to balance the freedoms afforded by the Internet with responsible usage. To this end, SSD Grow has developed an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), which supplements the terms of each customer’s service agreement and guides their rights and responsibilities. Please note that this AUP may be updated periodically to reflect changes in best practices and legal requirements.

Resource Usage:

The nature of shared virtual environments means that CPU, I/O, and network bandwidth resources are distributed among multiple VPSs on the same host nodes. In instances where a VPS significantly exceeds allocated resources, SSD Grow may reach out to suggest usage reductions or discuss upgrade options to our Premium VPS line. This ensures equitable resource access for all customers. Continuous excessive usage may lead to temporary suspension of service to maintain overall system integrity.

Prohibited Applications and Services:

Certain applications and services are prohibited on our servers due to their heavy resource consumption and legal implications:
  • File Sharing and Torrents: Services such as BitTorrent are not permitted.
  • Anonymizing Services: Open proxy services and TOR nodes are prohibited.
  • Gaming Servers: Running servers for games such as Minecraft, Runescape, or similar is forbidden.
  • Chat Servers: Applications like Teamspeak and Chobots, which are prone to attracting DDoS attacks, are also banned.
  • Cryptocurrency Mining: Engaging in mining digital currencies is disallowed due to its intensive CPU demand.

Content and Conduct Restrictions:

SSD Grow insists on a respectful and lawful use of its network. The following activities are explicitly prohibited:
  • Illegal or Offensive Content: Distributing or storing obscene materials, including child pornography, or engaging in defamatory, harassing, or abusive language.
  • Spamming: Sending unsolicited bulk communications is strictly forbidden and may result in fines.
  • Infringing Activities: Violating intellectual property rights, engaging in fraudulent schemes, or distributing malware will result in immediate termination of service.
  • Unauthorized Access: Illegal access to other computers or networks, often referred to as hacking, is prohibited.

Liability and Monitoring:

While SSD Grow does not routinely monitor the content created or activities conducted through its service, we will intervene when we become aware of violations of this AUP or legal requirements. Such actions may include removing content, denying service, or other measures deemed necessary to comply with law or protect our network.
SSD Grow will cooperate with law enforcement authorities as required by law, and may disclose user information necessary to comply with a court order, subpoena, or other legal process.


By agreeing to our service terms, subscribers indemnify SSD Grow against any losses, damages, or expenses resulting from violations of this AUP or illegal actions. Subscribers are responsible for the actions of their clients and must ensure that all use of SSD Grow services complies with this AUP.

Feedback and Violations:

We welcome feedback on our policies and encourage reporting of any activities that violate our AUP to [email protected]. Our goal is to foster a secure, reliable, and lawful Internet service environment.